Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Olimar's Logs- Pt 1

Captain's Log: Delivery #207, Day 4

All systems are functioning well. The route to the delivery site should be completed in about 6 days.

Captain's Log: Delivery #207, Day 5

Today has brought the worst of luck. i awoke this morning to find that the navigation system of the Dolphin was broken. Unable to override the malfunctioning ship, I crash-landed on a foreign planet. The dolphin suffered critical damage, with crucial components being jettisoned over the terrain of the alien landscape. Much to my dismay, the sensors in my suit detected that the atmosphere contains a significant poisonous oxygen level. My systems will support me for only 30 days before I either suffocate in my suit or die from oxygen poisoning...

I decided to look around and assess my situation further, when I came across a small red creature that had characteristics resembling at the same time both plant and animal. I blew my whistle at it, and it ran to me, following behind me wherever I went until I disbanded it again with the whistle. Near my crash site, I found nine more of these creatures, and the all behaved in the same way, as little men awaiting my every order. They resemble Pikpik brand carrots from home, so I have decided to call them "Pikmin". Experimenting further, I determined that they originate from a large, red, machine-like object which I have given the name "Onion". I led the Pikmin near a large flower, and to my surprise, I they all attacked it, and carried the remains back to the Onion, which absorbed it, then produced, and planted, Pikmin seeds. The Onion seems to use the energy in the remains of deceased creatures to produce more Pikmin seeds. It is a remarkable system!

As the sun began to set, the Pikmin began to grow uneasy. Large, dangerous creatures began approaching the crash site, and so I disbanded the Pikmin, who immediately ran into the Onion. I escaped the surface's nocturnal predators by flying the Dolphin's emergency systems into a low orbit- the most the poor ship could still muster. The Onion followed the Dolphin into the air, remaining with me in orbit. With the help of the Pikmin, I may yet be able to return home safely.

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