Thursday, February 28, 2008

Cryptic message from the depths of my mind


Monday, February 25, 2008

Group 7 = WTF?

I own Guitar Hero III for the Wii. It owns all.

Except group 7. Group 7 is the group of impossible hammer-ons and evil rhythms. It also seems to be the group of occasionally-out-of-sync songs.

I can't beat "Before I Forget" without the added complication of a glitched song, let alone when the bumps are flying at me a full 2 seconds before the music track reaches that rhythm in the song! Throw me a bone, would ya?

So my ongoing struggle recently has been surviving impossibly fast triplets in "Knights of Cydonia" and figuring out how in God's name I am supposed to play the 16th notes in "Before I Forget" in a manner that the game accepts as "correct".

Don't even get me started on "Stricken"...

Portal- a limmerick.

A program that I thought I would try
Promised cake, should I go and not die.
So I went through each room,
While I faced certain doom,
Just to find that the cake was a lie…

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

My IRC Bot

At last! It is completed!!

I fixed the Unicode bug. Apparently you need to writeBytes to a file to remove the extra null characters in the text.

So now it works! :D

I'll post a transcript of a chat session later.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Legend Begins

(to the tune of "The Day the Music Died")

A long, long time ago,
In the golden land Hyrule,
An evil stole the sacred power.

The people, they were out of luck.
It seemed that they were indeed stuck.
And this would be their fateful final hour.

The evil now was making progress.
A man in black kidnapped the princess.
Everybody was stunned,
But Zelda noticed someone...

A village boy from Kokiri,
And his small fairy named Navi.
He was quite young and dressed in green...
He was the chosen one.

My, my, grab your sword, little guy!
Think you're gonna banish evil without hardly a try?
Now leave your home, and bid your village goodbye,
On a quest to save the land or else die.
Quest to save the land or else die.

Zelda tossed something o'er her shoulder.
The ocarina landed in the water.
And Link knew what he should do.
So he used the magic power inside
To open up the Temple of Time
And there a magic sword he drew.

Then he fell asleep for seven years,
And Hyrule faced its greatest fears.
But then when Link awoke,
The evil had to choke.

Because courage found the evil's bane,
And evil's power soon would wane,
For with Link's green-capped brain,
He really stood a chance.

And they were saying:
My, my, grab your sword little guy!
You can probably banish evil if you give it a try.
He left his home, and bade his village goodbye,
On a quest to save the land, or else die.
Quest to save the land or else die...

And Link went out to Castle Town
To see that it had been run down.
And there were zombies everywhere.
He wasn't quite sure what to say,
But Navi helped to lead the way,
And pledged to help him to the end.

Through dungeons, dangers, temples, too,
An arduous journey Link went through.
From fires down in mountains
To deep, wide river canyons.

And Link was gaining much more power.
Hyrule was reaching zero-hour.
The princes was locked in a tower-
That's where Link had to go.

Navi coached him:
My, my, shine your sword, little guy!
The time has come to banish evil for the evil is nigh.
You left your home, and bade your village goodbye.
Now it's time to save the land or else die.
Time to save the land or else die.

So Link went to face the evil king.
He made sure he had everything
That he might need to help him out.
The evil Ganondorf he faced.
To save the land Hyrule, he raced.
The world hung in the balance...

And Link killed the evil darkness king,
But Navi noticed one more thing:
The evil rose to new form.
The air, it began to storm.

So in the final battle of the age,
Link fought against the greatest rage.
In the ancient legend, turn a page.
The darkness was destroyed.

The people sang:
My, my, plant that sword, little guy!
You've forever banished evil. The dark power has died.
You left your home, and bade your village behind,
Leaving everything that you knew behind,
Even though you may well have died.

My, my, you're the Hero of Time,
Your name shall make the men bow, and the fair women cry.
You taught the world a brand new courage on high
When you saved Hyrule and the darkness died.


So I'm making an IRC bot based on PircBot. This is your basic bot, able to learn facts it is taught, and respond based on the messages it gets, as well as a few other commands.

It doesn't split strings from my text files properly, in order to compare them to the message. Apparently unicode is adding a null value between all of my characters. How to fix this, I am still working on.

But this is now my subject of interest and frustration.


Also, I apologize for the lack of uploads. All-County Band ate my week.