Monday, February 25, 2008

Group 7 = WTF?

I own Guitar Hero III for the Wii. It owns all.

Except group 7. Group 7 is the group of impossible hammer-ons and evil rhythms. It also seems to be the group of occasionally-out-of-sync songs.

I can't beat "Before I Forget" without the added complication of a glitched song, let alone when the bumps are flying at me a full 2 seconds before the music track reaches that rhythm in the song! Throw me a bone, would ya?

So my ongoing struggle recently has been surviving impossibly fast triplets in "Knights of Cydonia" and figuring out how in God's name I am supposed to play the 16th notes in "Before I Forget" in a manner that the game accepts as "correct".

Don't even get me started on "Stricken"...

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